A Memory I Didn’t Realize I Would Miss by Sophia Nguyen

“BRRRING!” The school bell roared announcing the end of a tiresome school week. Students excitedly ran out of the classrooms to their friends as they ventured to their Friday plans. My cross-country team and I had after-school mandatory yoga for kids who didn’t have a 7th period. Consequently, a group of friends and I would ditch to get fast food. Seven people squeezed into a five-seater minivan with a barely eligible driver. That sounds like a great idea! Cramped and getting close up and personal seemed to be an unexpected bonding activity. As the car parked, the clowns tumbled out to see the best that Louisiana has to offer… Popeyes. (just kidding) With our stomachs rumbling, we stormed into the restaurant ready for some chicken. The table fills up with every menu item as each number gets called. The crisp and crunch of the chicken can be heard from miles away. Smiles stretched from ear to ear and laughter burst out of our mouths as jokes were said. It was like we were in someone’s house and nobody else was around us. Eating bonds the whole team together almost as much as dying on the track as we regret the chicken we just had thirty minutes before. After we finish our stretches, our cross country team would hang around these big trees and talk for hours until one of us bites the bullet of leaving first. Those times were my definition of happiness.

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