A Moment of Relief by Scott Amaro

I walked down the dark, lonely, cold street path, with a million thoughts pouring out of my ears. Another day full of awkward conversations, isolated lunch breaks, and anxiety-filled phone calls. It was my typical Monday schedule. After years of living the same day over and over, I grew used to the lonesome feeling. The first day of freshman year was upon me and I was preparing for another isolated day. I sit down in the cold, stiff chair and prepare for an hour full of nonsense. Math class felt like another language to me and I was prepared to be a deer caught in headlights the entire class. However, the long purple door swings open and a brown-eyed girl walks into the room.

She walked past my desk and I could smell the vanilla perfume as she sat down. I wanted to stand up and build the courage to say hi to her. Unfortunately, the only thought in my head was, “Don’t embarrass yourself, just sit down.” I was sick of living every day with my thoughts, the only thing keeping me company. I finally found the courage to introduce myself. I walked to her desk, which felt like a mile down a crowded freeway due to my nerves, but I finally reached the crowded table. 

Six years have passed since that day and my entire life has changed. She has filled my day with new adventures, new experiences, and new friends. Lonely paths do not exist anymore.  

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