Awkward Red Light by Elaine Sanchez Guadarrama

Elaine never cared about her driving skills. She’ll go 80 MPH on the freeway, or 40 MPH in a neighborhood area. Really, she feels like the human version of Lighting McQueen. She’ll only get nervous when she sees the light turning cherry red from a mile away. Traffic goes on pause. She smashes the brakes, and prays the car stops before she smacks into the car in front of her, like a fly on the wall.

She woke up on a cloudy Wednesday, not knowing her life was going to turn upside down. She was in the left lane, there was a small bus in the right lane, and a blue Tesla in front of her. She was trying to bolt past the bus, so she could go into the right, and as she was trying to run past it, she didn’t notice the Tesla had stopped. The only option she had was to swerve into the right lane. Before she knew it, her life flashed before her eyes and the bus behind her was honking.

That was the most awkward red light ever, but at least she didn’t die. Elaine was sitting there with her entire body paralyzed, staring deep into her steering wheel. Her mouth became dryer than the Sahara Desert, her palms were sweaty, and her mind wandered off thinking about all the chaos she started. During that awkward red light, she knew she had to stop speeding and had to start being more careful while driving.

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