Comfort Around Nobody by Jeremy Pham

March 13th, 2020: Sitting in math class when all of a sudden, everyone heard notifications from their phones. The world was shutting down. Everyone received the notification on their phones that we would be entering quarantine. After school, we all said our goodbyes as if it was the last time we were ever going to see each other. 

May 2020: Accompanied my parents to go grocery shopping for the first time since quarantine. The traffic was awful. The smell of your own breath when breathing through your mask, the sound of whispers through the mask, and the feeling of “everyone besides your family is like an alien” flowed through my mind. Got the groceries that we needed but toilet paper was out of stock. Why are people hogging all the toilet paper?

July 2020: A couple of months into quarantine, the world continued to not exist. Walking outside felt like walking into a new world. The air smelled fresher than ever with fewer cars traversing the roads. Barely anyone was outside. Almost dead silence beside the leaves rustling. I felt safe with no one around.

September 2020: Cousins infected with covid. Texted me that they couldn’t taste anything and couldn’t even walk outside their rooms. Scary and hope they get well soon.

November 2020: I really enjoy quarantine. Never felt so safe and comfortable in my life. Honestly wished this lifestyle could continue. Spent too many hours on Genshin Impact but introverts like myself probably love less contact with people. 

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