Deep Breath by mariana valadez

Imprisoned by my bed and the thoughts in my head. Haunting images in my mind, I take a deep breath. Finally, I decide to rise. It is 2:21 pm, I step outside for the first time today and decide to go for a walk. The sun is out and I feel its warmth hugging my skin. A hug much needed, as I feel lonely and detached from the rest of the world.

I put my headphones on and everything around me starts to fade away. I am one with my music. Stepping to the beat, I march to my favorite neighborhood to see the pretty houses. 

Observing the thoughts rushing to my mind, I let them pass.

I take a deep breath, one step at a time. Take in what the earth has to offer. 

As I walk, I notice the air is brisk and trees are waving at me. I forget how beautiful the world can be. I stop to smell the flowers, appreciating what is around me.

As I walk through the neighborhood, I see my favorite house. This house isn’t like the rest, with its vibrant colors and ceramic sculptures. Something about how unique this house is. I see the beauty in individuality.

Trying to conform to the rest of the world is what got me to feel so alone. I walk this walk quite often but I perceive something different today. Be myself and things will come my way.

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