Grand Rising by Mateo Ponce

Starting the day right! Fully rested, waking up naturally without any alarm. The birds chirped from the window, and the sweet smell of pancakes seeped through the bedroom door. “Breakfast is ready!” my mom yells. I want to get up, but the warmth of the bed is so comforting. I stay, just until my stomach starts growling for food. My morning routine is to brush my teeth, wash my face, some moisturizer, and then sunscreen. I’m ready. I run downstairs, seeing the platters of breakfast on the dining table. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and sausage with bell peppers mixed in. I still see the steam rising from each dish. I stuffed my plate until I could barely fit anything else. My dad yells from the other room, and I hear plates and utensils clanking. They must be watching the 49ers game. I go over to watch with them. Jimmy G threw a check-down to Deebo, letting him make a play resulting in a 70-yard touchdown to give them the lead. Everyone cheers, and my dad even cusses a little due to the excitement. I check my fantasy football since I have Deebo Samuel on my team. I realize he gave me the lead in both real life, and fantasy. I can’t tell what I enjoyed more, the food or the game. The syrup from my pancakes slowly made its way to the bacon and eggs. The sweet, savory flavor of breakfast in each bite gets better and better. Next thing you know, the 49ers won, and breakfast is all done. Grand rising.

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