Issue Five: Spring 2015

bolt F14

The Bolt is a flash non-fiction magazine published by the SJSU Communication Center Writing Consultants. This issue’s themed section, what we call The Jolt, contains pieces on the theme of things we hate. The main issue features memoir, political commentary, history, and cross-genre pieces. A special thanks to everyone who had some part in the making of The Bolt. We hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Spring 2015 Contest Winner

December 18th by Caitlin Hanna

The Jolt
Featured writing on the theme #ThingsWeHate

The Main Issue

The Dog who Changed my Life by Jessica Hopson
That Day by Kiari Williams
Pushing the Limits by Hayley Pascale
One Reason by Ismail Abukhdeir
My Grandfather by Mark Tran
Essay Journey by Nico Crespo
Cut From A Different Cloth by Anonymous
Appreciate Them by Angelina Lam
Hardworking Students by Pritam Shenoy
The Umbrella Revolution by Jessica Ng


Kaitlyn Hawkins
Andrew Wu

Editorial Team and Contest Judges
Adam Au
Eric Buseman
Katelynn Degnan
Alixandria Fernandez
Kaitlyn Hawkins
Jesse Oliver
Julia Pfahnl
Kami Rasmussen
Jennifer Tran
Andrew Wu

PR & Marketing
Apoorva Agrawal
Kaitlyn Hawkins
Jennifer Tran
Andrew Wu

Photos & Illustration
Adam Au
Julia Pfahnl
Andrew Wu

Faculty Advisor
Nico Peck, MFA

Bolt Logo Design
Peter Max Lawrence

Special thanks to the Communication Studies Department, the SJSU COMM Center, and especially Roxanne Cnudde, Victoria Rodriguez, Dr. Deanna Fassett, Dr. Kathleen McConnell, Dr. Jennifer Morrison, Ann Baldwin, Dr. Maureen Scharberg, and Dr. Anne Marie Todd for making The Bolt possible. This magazine is funded through the generous support of the AANAPISI grant.

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