A Virus and an Antidote by Guillermo Ramirez Lara

A Virus_JEP

Memories, judgments, and words enter and destroy our bodies like a virus. Only we can find our own personal antidote to help us destroy this virus. Things we hate, are bad memories that we remember as soon as we wake up, being judged by everyone, or being nice to people who treat us like dirt. Reflecting back to memories, we hate the fact that we can reminisce on the good times we had with people, thus bringing back feelings that we learned to forget. On another note, we hate the fact that we get judged by other people for being different. It’s sad that we live in a world where we get judged for being who we truly want to be. Lastly, we hate being nice to people who put us down and like seeing us in the shadows. We hate the fact that we are born to a society that now would rather see us fall down instead of seeing us excel. In regards to memories and feelings, don’t let them bring you down, use them as a lesson and grow from them. Ignore the people who judge you, be who you want to be; as long as you’re comfortable with yourself nothing else should matter. To those people who would rather see you fall; continue being nice to them, use their negativity to help you succeed. Life isn’t math; two negatives will not bring you a positive outcome. Destroy them with the success of a smile.

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