Appreciate Them by Angelina Lam

Appreciate Them_JEP

A fight, as in a disagreement. I see it all the time, people disagree on certain topics such as choices, religion, or even what to have for lunch. Disagreements often turn into resentment, which leads to multiple conflicts that disrupt everyday life. Disagreements can turn people against each other that otherwise could have been prosperous and joyful. Fighting was normal in our family. It was almost expected. Being strong, stubborn, and willed young people, my brothers and I fought all the time, saying hurtful words we did not mean. And then one day, I met a man who changed my entire life. A father of two came into my work and talks to me constantly and shows me cool videos on YouTube. We usually talk for a few minutes except one day. He never showed up at the time he usually comes in. I just thought maybe he had other plans that day. Later on the same day, I was told that this man who I only know as Peter, had passed away. I felt my heart beat louder and harder. Peter changed my life. I will never again take anything for granted. Fighting is stupid. Fighting is a waste of time. A perfect stranger turned acquaintance can disappear from my life so fast. What if it was a loved one…?

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