Just Some Movie by Simon Tran

My dad and I were watching a Christmas movie of all things in the living room late at night. It was a rare occurrence for us to spend time together.  He would usually watch movies like Saw, while I would be too absorbed in the digital world (pun intended). It just turned out I was tired of  screaming at my ancient laptop this particular night.

No words flew out of our mouths. We never really talked much if it wasn’t school related. I could hear my sister’s awkward cackling in the background because of some funny scene she was watching in an anime. The buzz and hum of the TV accompanied her laughter. A lamp, which was sitting on a desk at the corner of the room, lit the living room and both of us were wrapped in blankets.

“Eeew.” My dad shuddered.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re okay with that?” His eyebrows went up to hide behind his short bangs.

“Well yeah. They love each other. I don’t see anything wrong with it,” I replied.

“But, two men… Kissing!” He exclaimed. “It’s weird, unnatural, and abnormal.”

       I flinched.

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