My $62 Starbucks Trip by Haley Bass

My $62 (AW)She pulls off in her Go-4-Interceptor as if she does not even want an explanation. As I have the Starbucks tray in my hands, I start walking faster, thinking it can’t be. My heart starts to beat faster as I walk toward the white and orange truck. I try to calm down by telling myself that the thoughts I think about create the world around me. As I pace myself to walk up to the windshield of the U-Haul, I see that white envelope. I was only away for 10 minutes. It is now official that today is going to be a horrible day to move, as I barely could even afford to do this move. Now, I am an involuntarily giving the City of San Jose a $40 “donation” and this Starbucks I volunteered to treat everyone to has become more than I bargained for.

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