One Reason by Ismail Abukhdeir

How would you feel if a close family member died? My young cousin was going to prayers early in the morning in our small village on the Israeli side of Palestine. As he was going to the mosque to attend morning prayers, he was stopped by a car because the drivers were lost and looking for help. My cousin, being as nice as he is, helped the lost driver with directions. After he finished helping them, things turned for the worse as the drivers got out of the car and kidnapped my cousin. Taking him to a secluded area, they began to beat severely. He was on the verge death already from the beating, but the monsters did something even more awful. After stabbing him repeatedly and cutting parts of his body open, they begin to pour gasoline down his throat and on him while he was still conscious and alive. From there, they burned him while he’s alive. The murderers were caught and tried—you would assume that would be the end of it, no? It isn’t because the Israeli Justice System favors Jews more. They found them not guilty by pleading insanity and just gave them ankle bracelets. When someone asks me why I fight for my people’s rights in Palestine and condemn Israel’s actions—here you go, here’s one reason. When there are many in this country that don’t care, someone has to be there to stand up. That is why I stand for Palestine.


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