Pushing the Limits by Hayley Pascale

Pushing the (AW)It is a Monday and I am driving in the car with my father, going to my favorite serene running location. A place where my father once put grueling miles of effort into his training. As we arrive I begin to get nervous, knowing that a hard effort is in place for me. I lace up my trainers and smell the freshly cut grass. So many thoughts are rushing through my mind as I hear my dad explaining my workout to me. I anticipate being able to meet his expectations, wondering if my body is up for the challenge. The calm breeze is blowing my hair and birds are chirping which makes me happy to be there. My heart starts beating faster as he gets out his stop watch. It is time for the blood to start bolting through my veins and for me to give my absolute all out effort. As I am running, my feet are lightly touching the ground and I feel like I am floating. The harder I push myself, the harder it is to breathe and all I taste is the brisk cold air rushing to my lungs. My body is slowly deteriorating as I push it harder, although seeing my father at the finish with his infectious smile puts me at ease. Nothing makes me happier than pushing my limits and making my father proud.

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