The Sins of Benjamin Franklin by Carlos Diaz-Ochoa

The Sins (AW)Nothing hurts more than waking up every morning breathing the same air and pollution, as everyone else knowing you’re on the same planet, yet worlds apart. Success floating within your grasp, but miles away. The joy of an acceptance letter to a four year institution. Feelings flowing through your body like a child receiving cake on their birthday. Seeing smiles across the faces of your loved ones as they realize that one of their own has broken past the plateau. However, in your mind, you can hear the collision of dreams crashing down at the sight of a green paper. Money is the biggest evil in this world. “You have many talents and a mind of brilliance, but you were born to a poor family,” money said. My mother is sick, but works day in and day out. My father began with nothing, but sacrificed it all to bring me a better tomorrow. However, I was born into poverty. Parents chasing the American dream only to be billed through blood, sweat, and tears. What is a student to tell himself as he looks through the mirror and tears flow down the reflection. “You have many talents and a mind of brilliance, but you’re born into poverty.” Freedom begins when we eliminate the greatest oppressor, Benjamin Franklin. Freedom begins when we liberate people from the oppression caused by a piece of green paper.

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