The Struggles by Michael Azimian

The Struggles (AW)“God damnit!” you hear yelled across the gym every few minutes or so. The sound of people grunting and yelling to get that extra rep in, surrounds the building and infatuates everyone’s ears. This is the typical gym. The gym is where the “new-year-resolutioners” go, in hopes of changing their bodies’ physiques. It is the place where groups of friends go just to hang out and talk, and where the diehard bodybuilders go. The thought of exercising sounds great, with the cornucopias amount of benefits that come with it, why doesn’t everyone do it? The easy answer is effort. I fall into this category of not liking to exercise. Every time I go I am intimidated by the bigger guys that are twice my size, or the shredded athletic females that look like they can tear someone apart; as they flex at themselves in the mirror, a mental weight bears my shoulders. The smell of the gym is another turn off. With constant fans blowing from every direction, you are bound to catch the drift of someone’s fart into your face, filling your mouth with a foul taste, the taste of like eating the skin of an orange, it is extremely bitter. Ultimately, the sole reason I go to the gym is because I once heard somewhere: your body is like an art piece, you only have one, sculpt it while you can, and see the transformation with all the hard work and dedication!

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