The Top of the Roller Coaster by Jordan Baker

The Top (AW)That moment you reach the top of the roller coaster, the quick pause at the top right before you drop, is probably one of my most hated feelings ever. My heart sinks into the center of my stomach where my intestines lie, causing clutter and a moment of disbelief that this is really, actually happening. This is adversity. Take a moment to stare into the eyes of your most heart-trembling fears. Think about what that moment would be like. The silencing of all vibrations that ultimately create what we call noise or sound, the setting changing blur of even the most beautiful backgrounds. We are constantly at risk of being attacked by adversity; the only thing is, we never know when to expect it.

We are expected to be prepared for adversity at all times, but how do you prepare for the unexpected? Life is a continuous clock until your clock runs out of batteries, non-rechargeable and irreplaceable. We go through life every day and follow the routine that was either created for us or that we created ourselves. Whether the routine is one that was self-made or not we still follow because it is what we become accustomed to. This routine ultimately leads to either our success or our defeat as human beings.

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