Waiting by Zachary Taylor

Waiting (AW)Waiting has to be the most frustrating thing in the world; it makes my head spin. The person that is making you wait is in essence saying their time is more valuable than your own. My time is just as valuable as yours, I can be enjoying this illuminating sun, and the chirping of the robins, but instead, the annoyances of the situation are consuming my brain. This anonymous is transforming the beautiful sunshine, from a ray of light, into a scorching death-beam from above. There are papers to write and calculus to solve, but yet still I wait. While I sit in the beaming sun, some questions race through my mind. Why am I paying for your lack of time management? I was the one that was on time, but yet I still wait. While I wait, the anger builds and builds. The accumulation of the sun and the waiting has caused my saliva to evaporate and mouth to cotton. Why am I so angry? I have years and years left in my life, I can spare a few minutes right? Is the anger from all of the waiting that I have done throughout my lifetime? Yes, this has to be it. I have done far too much waiting on people, it is time to make a stand. This situation can be controlled from within. So the waiting stops and I am on my way, to bask in the sun, rather than burn in it.


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