A Day in My Life in High School by Andrew Wu

High School


The final bell temporarily emancipates the students. “I’m going to McDonalds,” they declare, the way people declare their aspirations and dreams. Another routine proposition: “Let’s go blow trees.” “That seems futile, trees are sturdy,” I would think. I stride quickly, and simultaneously insert a cold ham sandwich into where food is inserted, fueling myself with adenosine triphosphate. I get on a bus. After 35 minutes of being a human sardine, I get off and stride across the street. The great Seal of California, carved in stone, is on the building that I enter. I have an employee badge, but wait in line for the guards and the metal detectors anyway. “One day, I’ll actually use my badge and I will walk right past them.” I get to my work station. “Hi, how was school?” I am greeted. My supervisor is a nice lady and sometimes I miss her. Anyway, I start working. The files can bury me, but I won’t let them. Instead, I shelve them; in numerical, alphabetical and chronological orders while keeping my professional and zen composure. The two and three-Ls shadow attorneys, but little-old-me only get to read about the things they do, and file their pre-trial motions. “When I become an attorney, I’ll give my intern everything. I will be the kind of mentor that they can love and appreciate,” I silently declare. At five o’clock I leave, but first I have to deliver tomorrow’s calendars. I deliver them and I leave. “When I move to San José for college, this place will not remember me.” As I walk out, I think, “That is okay, because in seven years, or two thousand five hundred fifty-five days, I will return here, and my suffix will be JD.”


Andrew Wu is a communication studies major at SJSU. He spends his spare time as a novelist and philanthropist.

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