Body by Kimberly Piet


The softness of my body lays a silhouette. I had fought tooth and nail (fang and claw) to not detest. My touching thighs ooze over my seat and my assigned space as I ignore the huffed sigh of the person sitting beside me. I am completely aware of the stares and I make sure to meet every one of them in the eye. My instinct is to elongate my neck for perhaps if my chin looks that much thinner, I can be acceptable for these strangers however I’ve learned better. The title of my desired stop rings into my ear as I realize it’s time for me to empty my seat plus some. I can feel the breaths of relief on my neck as I saunter out of the car as those on the platform hold their breath in. Politely my plus-sized hips continue on their way. I think back on how the fat girl of the past would look upon the fat woman she becomes. How she would detest the number on the back of these jeans, but be in awe of the confidence that walks within them. A little girl who realizes quickly people abhor her body more often than adore it and she must learn to love it enough for the rest of them. She must learn that your body is not designed to be a studio apartment, it is a temple and you cannot worship without pride.


Kimberly Piet is a communication studies major at SJSU who enjoys exploring narratives through the use of creative writing and performance.

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