Memories… by Nilab Sidiqi



Walking on campus lost and confused, where to go as I saw students going in various directions. Fun filled activities surrounding me as I walked under the beaming sun puzzled where to go. Yellow and blue colors flashed in front of me everywhere I looked. I followed the crowd of energized and hyped students leading to a table where we checked in for orientation. Mesmerized by the vast campus and walking around like a tourist trying to find my way around, I came upon Spartan mascots everywhere. Tall buildings everywhere I looked, random building names that I was utterly unknown to.  As I walked into a vast hall, I beamed upon a room that was immensely massive.  As I continued my tourist attraction on campus, I came upon classrooms that seemed like movie theaters and dorms that seemed unrealistic.  The aroma of campus, from entering the garage and walking in front of the event center to being completely lost. From checking into our rooms to registering for classes. It felt like it was just yesterday. Now that I look back at those memories, everything is viewed in a different perspective. The fountain by the event center that I once had no idea where it was is an instant indication now.

Now I’m almost halfway done with my third year and almost done with college makes these past three years seem like a dream. A confusion that once existed seems like a dream. A dream that just surpassed and is almost coming to an end.


Nilab Sidiqi is a student at SJSU.


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