Moody Clothes by Mi Nguyen

moody clothes

My outfit of the day is usually a reflection of how I’m feeling. When I wear bright floral dresses, I feel very optimistic about the day. I am usually in a giddy mood when I pick outfits that have bright and warm colors. On the other hand, when I wear bold patterns such as animal prints, I am trying to push myself to become my alter ego. On the outside, I am a very reserved person, but when I experiment with bold prints, I am trying to reach out of my comfort zone and become the outspoken person I’ve always wished I was. When I wear neutral colors, such as a beige trench coat or khaki pants, I am trying to conform to my surroundings. These colors allow me to blend in when I am not trying to be noticed. Lastly, black and white outfits make me feel as if I can take on the entire world. The way these colors compliment yet contrast each other simultaneously describe how I’m not limited to what others think about me. Clothes make me feel more than just pretty. By wearing certain articles of clothing or different colors, I can go from being reclusive to joyful to fierce. Fashion is a way to express one’s interests as well as emotions.


Mi Nguyen is a student at SJSU.

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