Not One Said Goodbye by Isabel Corrales

Not one said goodbye

We were inseparable, you and me. People doubted us and said it was simply puppy love. You would smile and wink at me with ease, reassuring me you did not agree. The look in your eyes and the smile on your face filled with harmony, tenderness, affection and love all told me this was real, true and forever. Conversations about the adventures, weeding, careers and the family we had planned all came crashing through my body like rapid river currents colliding with rivers of beautiful memories of the past three years, creating explosions of water. They filled up every inch of my body. I could feel the rivers bursting every vessel and every vein in my lungs. Out of breath, my heart dropped to my knees and lay next to you, begging you to stay. Your eyes, still half way open, told me you had to go. Someone was calling you and you had no choice. Your hands were cold and stiff. Life did not run through your veins.  The rivers that ran through my body made out through my tears. My heart and I lay there next to you pleading you to say something, but the endotracheal tube running through your mouth and defibrillator pads on your chest told the reality. As I caressed your beautiful face, the man with the badge told me I had to say goodbye. How could I say goodbye?! Days later, hundreds of people attended church to honor an incredible man and not one said goodbye.


Isabel Corrales is a student at SJSU.

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