Strapped Soldiers in a White Van by Nobly Ho

Ever since middle school, Jason and Henry never got along. Either it was because of girl issues or jealousy among one-another, they’ve always bumped heads. As they grew older and started high school, their animosity towards each other started progressively growing. One day during class intermission, Henry accidentally bumps into Jason. Not having the decency in apologizing, a heated altercation occurs between the two and a one on one fight is predetermined.

Henry was bigger in size, he knew he could take Jason on like a piece of cake. Although knowing Jason had a considerable amount of gang banging friends, he called for back up which happened to be me. During that stage of my life, I had numerous friends who were gang affiliated; therefore, a small amount of them tagged along that day. As we all met behind the school, the fight between the two quickly escalated. As it was occurring, one of Jason’s friends shouted, “COPS! RUN!” As me and five other guys ran for our lives, we were stopped in the middle of a sketchy neighborhood by a white van. It was a set up. An army of gang members came out with bats and machetes, chasing towards us. At the age of 12, my heart stopped and my life flashed right before my eyes. As I leave this story hanging on a cliff, just know that I’m alive and thankful for today. Always appreciate what you have.

Strapped Soldiers



Nobly Ho is a student at SJSU.

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