The Goggles by Jessica Munday


My birthday is in November, a month before Christmas. Being nine and wanting to be a Spy Kid, I asked my parents for night vision goggles. These goggles were no joke; AA battery operated switch hanging at the nape of your neck, attached to two flimsy wires that connected to two tiny blue flashlights that could pop in and out of the neon green lenses.  I could do anything under the cover of darkness with these goggles! As midnight on Christmas Eve rolled around and lights turned off, I decided to put my spy skills to the test. I put on my stealthy goggles and creaked open my door, down the hallway toward our living room; where I would wait for Santa in the pitch black of night only to see him with the power of night vision. It turned out that the green lenses were not very easy to see through, as I kept running into chairs and couches. Nonetheless, I made it to the living room with only a few stubbed toes. I heard footsteps. “Santa must already be here,” I whispered to myself and ducked behind the Christmas tree. I couldn’t see much; the tiny blue flashlights only allowed me to see about a foot in front of me. I heard the crinkling of wrapping paper, and someone picking up the milk glass. I could see the figure coming toward me. Then my dad said, “What are you doing up this late?”


Third year communication studies major at SJSU. Delta Gamma. Jessica Munday enjoys EDM and punk music, bike rides, long socks, and headbands.

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