Milo by Patricia Angelia

milo I’m not your usual type. Nevertheless, I am well loved by many. True, I am dark and handsome, but tall I am not. At first, you might pity me. You might say that I’m small, strange, or even perhaps handicap. However, with one look and I can steal your heart.

I’m fun-loving, sensitive, and well traveled. I love adventures and being outdoor. Running, jumping, and climbing are some of my hobbies. But before you start concluding that I am all muscle, I can assure that I too am brain. I enjoy my quiet time. Reading and listening to music are some of my favorite past times. Also, I am a proud aficionado of fragrance. I am very sensitive to smells and can detect them from yards away.

If you can look past my shortcoming, these I promise you: I’ll be the first and last thing you see everyday; after a long day, I’ll be there to comfort you; with one call, I’ll come to you side; I’ll snuggle with you; and I’ll look forward to our walk everyday. In return all I ask is that you’ll let sleep on the couch; keep the squire, hedgehog, and bones ready; feed me twice a day, preferably with white rice; and rub my belly. You can find me sunbathing on the porch, hiding under the table, or even crunch up under your blanket. I’ve been called by many names. Some have called me Buddy or Oliver, but now I go by Milo Angelo.

About the author:

I prefer Patricia, but I’ve come to accept Patty from time to time. Originally, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia, but I grew up Southern. Lucky, I was able to dodge having an accent. However, I’ve been known to say “ya’ll” and mispronounce “video” occasionally. Currently, I am working towards my Undergraduate in Human Resource Management.  If all go according to plan, I should be graduating in Spring of 2014. Until then I am a student, Teacher Assistant, and Writing consultant by day and Patty, the waitress, by night. Living a double life gets pretty tiring, but it’s certainly entertaining.

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