Soccer Game by John Serrano

I hear the mud squish between my cleats as I confidently walk onto the soccer field, discretely observing my competitors. Time seems to slow down as the opposing forward and I await the referee’s signal to start, fiercely staring each other down. Droplets of sweat slowly run down my face as the sun’s intense heat beats down from the crystal blue sky. My run turns into a breakaway, racing my opponent whose footsteps loudly echo in my ear as he follows right behind me, trying to defend the goal. I make my way closer and closer toward the goal, feeling the cool breeze against my body. The audience roars with excitement, cheering and calling out my number: “Number nine! Number nine!” My adrenaline rush is high while my heart is beating 90 miles per hour; I powerfully kick the ball, intently watching it as it travels through the air toward the goal. The goalie jumps, hoping to successfully catch the ball in his hands; he fails and the ball enters the high-left corner of the goal, making a victory-sounding swoosh noise.

John Serrano is a student at San Jose State.

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