The Economy by Troy Wright

The EconomyIn 2009, when George W. Bush was President of the United States, my father lost his job of twenty years due to the economic crisis. I remember the smell of bacon wafting throughout the house as my mother was cooking in the kitchen.

It was the first time in my life I saw tears running down my father face. He broke down and made the sounds of a crying baby. I was shocked to see my father in a weak position, because he always represented himself in a strong manner. He apologized to my mother explaining the bad news to her.I remember my mother embracing him into her arms saying everything would be ok. My mother has always been supportive of my father so I was not surprise to see her clenching him.

My father was not the only one affected by the economic collapse. Other individuals in the community had also lost their jobs. The effects of economic collapse left a bitter taste in the community for everyone, because many felt it was not their fault. Even though our community had been hit really hard by the economic crisis, many individuals came together and supported the ones effective by this. For instance, members from the community passed out flyers for resume workshops to help the ones who lost their jobs. Although this was a small thing to do for the individuals who lost their jobs, it kept them motivated, because it showed them others cared for them.

Troy Wright is a student at San Jose State.

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