“The entire area…” by David Zepeda-Campos

New YorkThe entire area where I was staying reminded me of home but was more exciting, probably because I had no idea how to navigate through this new city. Yellow cabs and lights as bright as the sun had my eyes shaking and absorbing every little detail. I could smell the city streets – a mixture of car exhaust, late night fried food, and the subway. Just like everyone around me, I felt like I was meant to be in a big rush. It was an overwhelming feeling of excitement that I could only get back home walking from the Cal Train station to AT&T Park. The overall commotion of people heading in every direction and calling for cabs drowned out every other sound in my head, giving me even more of a thrill. I could hear cars honking, people laughing at inside jokes, and all different types of languages admiring the same Broadway sight I had been absorbing for the past week. I knew they felt the same way about New York by the looks they had on their faces, and I was happy to know that the city was offering just as much excitement to everyone else who didn’t grow up in the concrete jungle. Every hip-hop song that described the city kept replaying in my head. I finally got to stay up all night with the city that never sleeps, and I enjoyed every second of it. I love San Francisco and California, but New York has a spot in my heart.

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