Issue Three: Spring 2014

bolt logo SP14

The Bolt is a flash non-fiction magazine published by the SJSU Communication Center. This issue features a courage-themed section called “The Jolt!”

Table of Contents

Spring 2014 Contest Winner

Beauty From Ashes by Melissa Lewelling

The Jolt: Featured writing on courage

Change Takes Courage by Kathleen Waite

Courageous Enough to Take Risks by Christian Torres

Death Is Never Easy by Jenna Martinez

Discovering One’s Passion by Yvonne Gonzalez

Embrace the Change by Vanessa Alvarez

For the Love of a Daughter by Lynda Ho

“I was driving with fear…” by Taylor Gasman

Kala by Kelsea Ryan

She Roamed by Yvonne Gonzalez

Tagged by Hillary Stangel

Waves of Courage by Charani Kodikara

The Main Issue

Finding Yourself by Bryce Cano

Hoping for More by Christina Rotar

“It was a very dark and lugubrious day…” by Robert Alquillera

My Mother’s Legacy by Victor Padron

Nightmare Fantasy by Mayra Armendariz

One Way Not to Tell Your Friends Your Life Is Over by Karmina Lopez Beltran

Paper Thin by Adilene Hernandez

Picking Up by Juliette Todd

RA Life by Amarissa Mathews

The Concert of Exhaustion by Phillip Torres

The Heart Monitor Beeps by Daniel Wallock

The Job by William Cass

The Key to Happiness by Matt Young

“What if … I’m just done?” by Paul Michael Whitfield

You Do Not Know What You Have Until It Is Almost Gone by Ben Yoell

You Meet Someone by Taylere Domrose


Hillary Stangel

Editorial Team
Vanessa Alvarez
William Cass
Peter Chen
Reginald Malla
Amarissa Mathews
Megan Molina
Brian Tang
Kathleen Waite

PR & Marketing
Yvonne Gonzalez
Jennie Nguyen
Phillip Torres

Photos & Illustration
Yvonne Gonzalez
Hillary Stangel

Faculty Advisor
Nico Peck, MFA

Bolt Logo Design
Peter Max Lawrence

Special thanks to the Communication Studies Department, the SJSU COMM Center, and especially Roxanne Cnudde, Victoria Rodriguez, Dr. Deanna Fassett, Dr. Kathleen McConnell, Dr. Jennifer Morrison, Ann Baldwin, Dr. Maureen Scharberg, and Dr. Anne Marie Todd for making The Bolt possible. This magazine is funded through the generous support of the AANAPISI grant.

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