Change Takes Courage by Kathleen Waite

Making a change takes courage. Simply going along with the crowd makes it hard for courage to show its face. In the wake of expounding data showing how fellow man is harming the Earth, what kind of courage will it take to make a change? It starts with education and it needs to spread from person to person. This is really harder than it sounds though.

My own family has met me with opposition at the mere suggestion that they use fewer plastic bottles and buy more organic food items. Two tasks that take minimal additional efforts have been lambasted and mocked by my own family! So if that is the case, how can people still try to educate others? The answer for me is courage. Courage will give you the strength to fear no judgment and believe in yourself. To stand up for what you believe in and keep on going.

Courage can come from within ourselves with the help from those around you. If you feel that you are losing your own courage, then surround yourself with others who exude it, you may find it contagious. Unlike sarcasm and doubt, it is good to catch courage. So what I ask of myself is to take courage. If I take it and hold on to it, I know I will be able to make the change I want. I will be able to make my own personal changes and hope that I can get others to join in. Courage is what will enable the change I want to see and the change the world needs to see for us to be healthy and happy.


Kathleen Waite puts her skills learned as a communication studies major to the test while working for a property management company. Anyone who has seen the Spike TV show World’s Worst Tenants, can relate to her daily struggles. When not at work, she feeds her sushi addiction and takes her dog Rosie for hikes.

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