Discovering One’s Passion by Yvonne Gonzalez

For the longest time of my life, I have always tried to figure out what is it I am truly passionate about. I tried different things and even explored new hobbies to help guide me. Yet, little did I know that my education was going to flourish into something that would become my ultimate passion. Once I started to attend San José State University, I realized that my education was what truly sparked a burning desire in me. The idea of constantly feeding my mind, learning new things, and being surrounded by people who had aspirations of taking their education and contributing it back to the world, excited me.

Throughout my college career I really never had anyone to go to or look up to for help on what direction I should take. The only person I had was myself to figure out what I really wanted to do with my education. This also allowed me to seek for help and look for inspiration in other individuals, such as teachers and students. I have been truly blessed to have had some great professors in my life who have motivated me to want to pursue a career in education.  The journey to discovering my true passion was not easy, but once I took chances and tried new things it all made sense to me. We all have a passion, some of us have discovered it and some of us are yet to figure it out, but I think trying to find it is where the true beauty of one’s journey lies.


Yvonne Gonzalez was born and raised in the beautiful town of Palm Springs, California. Soon to be an SJSU graduate (Class of 2014), her  family is her motivation, inspiration, and fuel to live this life to the fullest and to be as happy as possible. 

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