Hoping for More by Christina Rotar



She was young and lively. She was intelligent and full of potential. She loved school and would walk miles to get there. While kids went out to play, she sat in her classroom and read. She was a born scholar. In those short few hours, the cruel world outside of her classroom did not matter. She was raised in a rural farm town in Romania during a treacherous reign of the Communist Party. Her country was falling apart, her family was suffering, and she had to work hard at home to help sustain her family. She was fortunate enough to attend school, considering many young girls in her town were not able to.  She had dreams and hopes for herself.  She dreamt of college, a career, and becoming more than a housewife. She sat in her old wooden desk wearing her itchy wool uniform as she stared blankly at each falling snowflake as they hit the frozen ground. Her primary education was coming to an end. She looked out to the brutal world and knew that her future would be like every other girl sitting in her classroom. She would soon marry, bear multiple children, and tend to the needs of her husband. This was her fate and she wondered and hoped for a world where there was more to a woman’s life than this. She hoped her future daughters would one day have more opportunities and not have to experience such a vicious world.


Christina Rotar is a third year Spartan pursuing a BA in communication studies and a minor in journalism. She serves as Vice President Membership for her sorority Delta Gamma. 

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