“I was driving, with fear…” by Taylor Gasman

I was driving, with fear; I knew where to go, but not how to complete the task. My Mother, lying in the back of the car missing a limb. She couldn’t move without my assistance of my hand. I had fear for I was young and driving was beyond my skill. The pride of being the man of the family overcame the fear in my chest, for I was the parent for my mother after the incident. The incident transformed our family from parent to child and child to parent. The dynamic had shifted and we had all learned, transitioned, and grown from the experience.

A tragedy is a ballet. The skill for a group of individuals to either grow together or apart.

The group learns that when an individual loses a part of themselves, they don’t lose any part of who they are. A person is a whole part either all or nothing. Removing a physical piece only adds even more of an emotional one not only to the individual, but to the group as well.

The burden to my life for years held me back, but after time I realized that what I thought was once a burden was actually training. Training for how I was to hold and carry myself for years to come. My eyes were open to what was actually important and what was worth a laugh in the game of life we all are forced to play.

Will you laugh with me or will you cry?

“Hey mom do you need a leg?”

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