She Roamed by Yvonne Gonzalez

She Roamed Photo


She roamed the land without a worry in the world. She lived so free. No boundaries, no limits. She was as free as a bird. She did it with such grace; light as a feather. Oh, how she made it look so easy.

I will never forget the words she told me.

“Take chances! Take more risks! Don’t be so afraid to live out your dreams!” It took me a second to let it those beautiful words sink in. She suddenly spoke to me again and said, “You must not be so afraid to chase your dreams because that is the sole purpose of your existence.” I was so inspired by how driven, motivated, and dedicated she was to living life to the fullest. I envied the life she lived. On the other hand, she inspired me like no other person had ever inspired me before.

Before I could say anything back to her, she disappeared. Yet, I started to contemplate about her life. Where did she come from? Where could she be going? She came out of nowhere. Almost like a mirage. Or was I dreaming? It felt so surreal. Was it an image I created in my mind? Could she have been some sort of reminder from the universe of how I wanted to live my life? Then suddenly I came to realize, that this girl wasn’t just any girl.

This girl was me. I was no longer the girl who was once afraid to take chances. I was the girl living out her dreams.


Yvonne Gonzalez was born and raised in the beautiful town of Palm Springs, California. Soon to be an SJSU graduate (Class of 2014), her  family is her motivation, inspiration, and fuel to live this life to the fullest and to be as happy as possible. 


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