What if… I’m just done? by Paul Michael Whitfield

What if… I’m just done?  What if I’d rather puke than teach a history class that respects—even glorifies—U.S. history? No; Chief Justice Taney was not someone to be revered. He was a racist bigot, who flagrantly disregarded what were regarded as “facts” by the body politic. Chief Justice Marshall operated similarly; racistly. President Jefferson—the man behind the “equality” that is so thoroughly championed by some historians—was a slaveowner who cared more for those with property than others.  —  If “all men are created equal,” and by “men” we now mean any sex of our species… is there really some sort of rationalized middle-ground? “Lesser” evil?  No.  No, there isn’t. The horror of Hitler’s atrocities is no “worse” than the “self-interested” enslavement of blacks by early “abolitionists.” There’s no heroic American lineage to cite; no long, two-hundred-year glory to celebrate. The 4th of July celebrates the creation of a xenophobic oligarchy run by elitist, discriminatory landowners. Thanksgiving celebrates “colonists”—(And by this we refer to what could also properly be called invaders.)—who outright massacred indigenous tribes while appropriating their resources without so much as a “Do you understand me?” These, my friends, are not holidays. Not anymore than the Trail of Tears or the Japanese internment camps or the Jim Crow laws are to be lauded in remembrance.  We are the inheritors of blood, strife and antinomy.


A bio from Paul Michael Whitfield: “I enjoy art, nature and philosophy.  I write joyously.  I experience joy.  —  Sic semper tyrannis.


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