Issue Two: Fall 2013

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Table of Contents

The Bolt Fall 2013 Contest Winners

First Place Tie:
Powerless by Gabrielle Kambur
This Very Breath by Daniel Wallock

Second Place:
Islands of Her Making by Shaan Aslam

Third Place Tie:
We As People No Longer Have Control by Jennifer Gonzalez
The Life I Had Been Through by Khanh Walkup

The Battle With The Snow by David Acevedo

No One Listened by Leslie Bank

The Funeral by Athenas Canal

The Van by William Cass

The Puppy by Dillon Chang

Cirque Du Humanité by Peter Chen

You’ve Been Sleeping by Anonymous

The Witness by Kevin Hoang

Love Of The Game by Dylan Hogle

My Tattoo’s Story by Jeremy Hugoo

Perfection by Anita Inagandla

Lilies by Katie Macbride

Life Is Like A Puzzle by Reginald Malla

One Last Time by Megan Molina

The Media by Krutika Puntambekar

The Spot by Benjamin Michael Saubolle-Camacho

There She Was, 8.2 Pounds And 21 Inches Long by Hira Shah

Human Target by Michael Marlin White

Freedom by Terrance Yao


Editorial Team
Thomas Barajas
Kriselle Bulaoro
William Cass
Chloe Chandler
Peter Chen
Yvonne Gonzalez
Reginald Malla
Leah Mieso
Brian Tang
Annie Vuong

PR & Marketing
Leah Mieso
Reginald Malla

Photos & Illustrations
Kriselle Bulaoro

Faculty Advisor
Nico Peck, MFA

Bolt Logo Design
Peter Max Lawrence

Special thanks to the Spartan Bookstore, The SJSU Writing Center, The Communication Studies Department Faculty & Staff, The SJSU COMM Center, and especially Roxanne Cnudde, Victoria Rodriguez, Dr. Stephanie Coopman, Dr. Kathleen McConnell, and Dr. Anne Marie Todd for making The Bolt possible.

  1. I am so proud of you! Love it and know that others will as well. Keep it up, Leslie! Your cousin Linda Moberg.

  2. I am so proud of you Leslie. Your writing is really wonderful. Keep it up! This is your cousin Linda, Aunt Lillian’s daughter. Will look forward to more from you in the future.

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