Freedom by Terrance Yao

 Freedom. It is a status that we are meant to live our lives with. As animals of the natural world, we are meant to be the masters of our individual selves. My mind, my body, my rules. Freedom is inherent.

But in this cruel, ironic world, your fellow man, through the institution of government, has deprived you of your freedom. Freedom is now dependent on two factors; one cannot have freedom if it is not supported.

Cheer up. After all, life is a big joke! We laud the countries that “allow” for rights, when we are merely given back what is rightfully ours!

Did anyone ever stop to think that life was meant to be free? Our democracies need not so much drooling over them. They’ve only righted the wrongs of the monarchies.

Still, appreciation is due. The current world consists of many oppressed peoples. The democracies allow freedom to shine through the gritty dirt of the world.

But this light is not as bright as possible. Same-sex couples lack the freedom to have the ultimate expression of their love. Adults cannot unlock their minds with natural assistance.

And existing freedoms, unhindered in our society, go on unappreciated. It is a natural human right to decide the fate of your community through governing. Yet, people do not understand the importance of their vote.

Freedom. Only after attaining freedom can one begin the quest for contentment. But there’s still a lot of work to do in this field of human nature.


Terrance Yao is a registered libertarian. While not lamenting the sad state of America’s limited, corporate-controlled democracy, he enjoys the usual generic teenage interests. That is to say, psychoactive substances, video games, movies, music, etc. He is currently a sophomore at San Jose State, working on a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  

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