Love of the Game by Dylan Hogle

All I can think about is when I can get a drink of ice cold water. Sweat is pouring down my face as I continually run back and forth. The blistering sound of the whistle tells me to keep moving. It is a feeling of exhaustion, feeling of wanting to quit. But I can’t quit, I am not a quitter. All I can see is the blur of the color green from the sideline. I have run back and forth over 30 times. With every sprint I still catch myself racing my teammate next to me. I can’t feel my legs, but my mind is telling my legs not to stop. Yelling pours over the gym as my coach yells, “Water break!” I instantly collapse to the floor gasping for air. The feeling of the finish line overwhelming me with joy, I slowly limp over to my water bottle. The team and I are interrupted by the blistering whistle and our coach yelling, “Let’s do it again, boys. Sideline!” If only death were a feeling to describe myself at this moment.

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