One Last Time by Megan Molina

I gaze around the field taking in every moment, every smell, every touch, and every noise that has become so familiar to me. I see flashes of my 5-year-old self running down the sideline with eyes full of excitement and anticipation as she gets closer and closer to the goal. Boom. The ball hits the back of the net and she scores her first goal. It’s in that moment that she fell in love with the game and the reason why 17 years later I am finally saying good-bye to her and my first love.

It’s my last collegiate soccer game and I stand proudly next to my parents on senior night smiling into the crowd. I shake my coach’s hand and listen as they announce my name one last time. “Megan Molina!!!” rings through the speakers, and I know that this moment will forever be one of my proudest.

Tears slide down my face as I look into the eyes of my team who have been more than just teammates. These girls have been my laughter when I’m  home-sick, my bodyguards when I’m pushed, and more importantly my sisters when I’m lonely.  They are the ones that I am playing my last collegiate game for.

I take my place on the field before the game starts.  The referee blows the whistle and I sprint down the sideline towards the goal one last time.

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