Powerless by Gabrielle Kambur

powerlessI could see the black truck coming towards me. No matter how hard I screamed or moved my body, the truck was coming. I sat in the passenger seat waiting for the blow, waiting for the force of the truck to hit. I wanted to close my eyes, but I also wanted to see it coming. I didn’t want to be surprised when the pain would be thrust upon me. The crash seemed completely in slow motion. I can vividly see the bright headlights, the terrified and panicked look on the man’s face, and the frantic gestures my sister was doing to try and get out of the way. It was no hope. The truck was coming, it was going to hit us and we could do nothing about it. After the longest seconds of my life the truck hit the passenger door. I got jolted around, my neck flopping from side to side. Pain traveled through my body, like a shock wave. While trying to gain composure, my only concern was for my sister. I tried opening my eyes. Everything was moving. It was blurry. Finally everything came to a stop. I could feel the thumping of my heartbeat in the bottom of my stomach.

I just sat in the grey leather passenger seat staring at her, feeling and seeming powerless. I reached for her hand and squeezed it tight. Her bottom lip turned up into a slight grin. She squeezed my hand back and said, “Thank you.”  Power is so much more than control and dominance, but the ability to better a situation in the tiniest of ways. Find those moments.

GabrielleGabrielle Kambur was born and raised in Marin County, California. She is currently in her third year at San José State University, studying international business. She is also a member of the San José  State Women’s Gymnastics team.

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