The Funeral by Athenas Canal

On January 17, 2004, cancer claimed victory over Juan Vallejo’s life. The saddest morning of my life was about to get worse. The tears multiplied by the hour. I was afraid to see his dead body. My life would not be the same without him. He was a second father to me, and I was his little granddaughter. Hours passed, and his lifeless body lay in the casket surrounded by the biggest garden I have ever seen. The room was penetrated by the scent of the flowers of all colors and types. Neighbors, family, and friends were praying for his soul. Children of all ages were placing candles on the floor around his body and were saddened to see him go. His beautiful blue eyes were closed forever. The man who fed the hungry, visited the ill, and brought candy to children had departed to heaven. The time to leave had come and my mother refused to let go. She did not want to let her dad go to that place of uncertainty. The long rural road full of cars and trucks were following along. The quiet cemetery had received a new soul. From all the souls in the cemetery, a particular one was eagerly waiting to see him. Her name was Micaela Vallejo, his wife. After a long separation, they were finally reunited. A disease separated them, and a disease was reuniting them again. This time, my grandparents were reunited for eternity. The mysterious place everyone will go.

Athenas Canal is a student at San Jose State University.

  1. Wow. What a nice and moving story. You can really sense the action of everything while reading it. Although it describes a sad loss, the composing of it is great. =)

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