The Puppy by Dillon Chang

Grudging through yet another mundane school day, I exited off the 280 North freeway exit, hoping for a stellar day, but expecting the worst. As I turned the corner toward school, I caught a quick glimpse through my peripheral vision of a dark, shadowy object, roaming the cross street from where I drove. Reacting instantly, I turned to park, making out the figure of a lost, frightened, and abandoned black Chihuahua puppy. Thoughts raced through my head: “Shall I attempt to rescue him? Should I just leave him? Who should I call? Where is the animal shelter?” As I continued to process my next decision, my next actions would follow me until this very day. After forty five minutes of intensive luring, I was finally able to grasp the shivering pup and secure him in my vehicle. Taking him to the shelter, I was told he would inevitably be euthanized within 72 hours if left at the shelter, with my only option to foster him myself. That moment single-handedly marked one of life’s most turning events; after fostering the dog for over a month, a bond formed between the owner and his dog. I legally adopted my first dog, and he has had the best life ever since. The responsibility and love I committed to my new dog, Rocky, grew over time, as it seemed that rather than me saving his life, he instead saved mine.


DillonDillon Chang lives life one burrito at a time. He thoroughly appreciates the art of burrito-making, and will indefinitely be fascinated by the many styles and cultures infused in the mouth-watering and versatile burrito. On a side note, he is an accounting major at SJSU.

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