The Witness by Kevin Hoang

I had never witnessed any gun violence in my life until last summer. I happened to be visiting a friend of mine who lives in Monte Sereno, California. We were in the family room watching a movie, when my friend’s father heard a noise coming from the back door. They lived in an affluent neighborhood with a lot of land and a large house.

Usually, the house is empty as his parents are the only ones who live in the house, and my friend travels back and forth from San Francisco. It just so happened that on this day, everyone was home. His father slowly walked from the family room across the hall to the unlocked door that led to the backyard. He heard an unfamiliar voice on the other side and asked, “Who’s there!!??” and opened the door. He then saw two unfamiliar teenagers running towards the front lot. He chased them as fast as he could and saw a get-a-way car in the front of his driveway. He ran as close as he could and grabbed one of their shoulders only to find a gun being pointed at his chest.

“Don’t move or I will shoot you,” said a teenage girl, as she simultaneously pointed her gun at him and started running for the car.

My friend’s father almost died from a late night robbery.

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