You’ve Been Sleeping by Anonymous

You’ve been sleeping your entire life. Every single day is just another simulation created by your brain. It can’t be that difficult to believe, right? You awaken, get dressed, and carry out the same tasks you always have. Always the same, never different.  Being too busy, you would never notice if something was out of the ordinary. Slowly, however, you begin to develop an awareness. How much longer until you’re aware of what is different? Could it be that none of this is real?

This is what I kept thinking to myself after experiencing my first lucid dream. What I endured in the beginning of the dream felt so vivid and real, it was hard believing that I still wasn’t sleeping afterwards. I could eventually see the signs I was dreaming. Specific items weren’t making the noises they usually did, and food tasted peculiar. I felt odd but resumed my daily routine, going to work like always.  People stared intensely at me though, and soon enough I got called in to see my wide-eyed manager. Unlike her usual self, she stumbled with her words in an effort to tell me something.

“What is it, Sue?” I asked, unsure of what was making her so nervous.

“You’re floating you idiot!” she finally blurted out, instantly forgetting her role as manager.

They say that awareness without action is worthless. Let’s just say that after that moment, I wasn’t worthless anymore; I was aware, and I made the most of that dream.

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