Ladybug by Philip Villalobos

It was Easter Sunday. San Francisco was filled with friends and families roaming the city while enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze on their skin. I was coming down from a hangover because I had gone to a rave the night before, but was determined to spend my Easter Sunday doing something joyful.

As I was laying in the grass at Dolores Park, soaking in that moment alone, listening to Lottery by Kali Uchis; I spotted a ladybug land a few centimeters away from my hand. Initially, I thought to myself how cool it was that a ladybug would land nearly on my hand even though there was a large area of greenery & trees to rest on. At first, I thought “Oh a ladybug, good luck!” Then I remembered a few days prior I had asked God for a sign indicating that everything I was going through at that time was going to be okay. It took me a second to piece those two encounters together, but once I did I felt a feeling of gratitude fill my body. 

I was able to spend my day not stressing. The gratification and relief I felt after receiving that sign got me through the day and allowed me to feel a closer connection with God. 

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