My Favorite Hobby by Katelyn Yang

I’ve always had too many hobbies and never enough commitment. I have a seemingly never-ending list of interests and become infatuated with everything I find challenging. Resultantly, I often go through these obsessive cycles where I find a new hobby, engage with it nonstop, until it becomes too easy or too difficult, become disinterested, and finally begin the search for a new one to conquer (Side note: this issue strictly relates to inanimate objects, and does not apply to my human relationships). 

Pondering this predicament, I’ve realized there is one hobby that always returns with the same majesty as before: Tetris. As an ambivert, but an introvert at heart, my most frequent pastimes are ones I can do from the comfort of my mental sanctuary. And as a puzzle enthusiast, Tetris consistently brings me a source of joy, accomplishment, and relief, regardless of the setting. 

Each time I begin a new round, the world around me pauses, and my brain surpasses previously unknown levels of concentration. My entire surroundings fade away, as my mind becomes completely engrossed in finding the best way to place these vibrant, oddly-shaped, rapidly falling, blocks. And every beautiful “TETRIS” dissolves another one of my worries into that dark blue abyss. An endless stream of satisfaction, this gameplay has genuinely brought me through the most stressful, anxious, and dispirited phases of my life, from adolescence to today. Time has now proved that I will always come back to Tetris, my ultimate comfort game. 

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