My First 30-mile Bike Ride by Jesus Rojas Vasquez

After riding for 10 miles, I started to get tired and sweaty. I took a break and sat under a tree. My body was feeling super-hot, and I was barely able to control my breathing. My body flipped a switch and I felt cold and saw the goosebumps on my arm. I felt tired and hungry. I noticed my vision starting to black out, my ears began to ring, which prevented me from hearing the passing cars. I thought to myself “Am I passing out?” 

I lay on the wet grass, and saw a narrow beam of light as my peripheral vision was impaired. After 20 minutes of laying down, I walked to a liquor store and bought a couple of snacks. After devouring everything, I felt good. 

I felt amazing after having food in my body. I continued to bike. My lips were cracked from dehydration, I would lick them to moisturize them and taste salt from the sweat dripping down my face. I felt the wind hitting my face and the sun rays warming my forearms. The sound of the bike tire rolling against the pavement, a smooth and relaxing sound made me feel alive again. I smelled gas from the cars and food from restaurants. The texture of the rubbery grips on the handlebars made me feel attuned to the bike; I was in a flow state. 

Before I knew it, I was 33 miles into my bike ride which is something I never thought was possible. 

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