My Friends by Alex Du

One Friday night, my online friends and I planned to get drunk and have fun in a social VR Game. We all joined a game world that asked different questions about each other. We took turns answering the same question; any questions we didn’t answer, we drank. During my turn, I had to answer, “what’s something you keep asking yourself?” In a defeated voice I said, “why am I still single?” Everyone interjected, “aww” in sympathy as I briskly ran away to be alone. As that question loomed over me, I got more depressed.

Silently pacing around the map, my good friend, Jamie, walks up to me and asks “you okay? you’ve been silent.” I looked at him, unable to speak, I shrugged and kept pacing. He sensed I wanted to be alone and returned to the group. 

My newest friend, Emma, saw me pacing around away from the group and decided to talk to me. She asked, “what’s wrong?” I couldn’t tell her but she knew I wanted someone to talk to. After a while, we started complementing one another. She ran to everyone and asked, “Isn’t he cute?” Everyone ran over to compliment me. “I appreciate how caring he is.” “He’s always so nice.” I started crying from all the appreciation. I struggled with maintaining friendships previously, but I finally have people I can call my friends.

~To Emma, Jamie, Rayan, Jaime, Pierre, Eddy, Nano, and Josh, I love you all! Thank you for being such wonderful friends.~

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