Nature V2 by Osvaldo Arellano

The environment around me starts to blur in some places, and as I spin around to see what’s happening, it happens faster. Scattered drops become a burst of rain falling on my skin. The unforgettable, yet foreseeable, 3- 2- 1.  

“I told you it was gonna rain.” 

It did not matter whether it was gonna rain or not. Somehow, I enjoy getting wet this one time. Nothing matters other than the fact that I don’t want to catch a cold. Cracks in the overused street become a splash zone. Get ready! Get set! GO! Letting go of all the stress and discomfort I had built up to let “him” out. The seconds in the air felt like a decade, all the raindrops hitting my face, the wind blowing through my hair, and my feet running faster than the speed of light. SPLASH! The water washes away the negativity of the world and lets me see the world from “his point of view. “He” was safe, “He” saw the fun in the little things. “He” never stopped smiling. Letting out our inner child self can help us see that everything around us isn’t so bad when we stop being adults and enjoy being kids one more time in life.  

“Now you got me all wet.” 

The rain was going to do that anyways.

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