Play That Song by Stephanie Sotelo

I awoke from my nap one cloudy Sunday afternoon to find out the Wi-Fi had gone out. What will I do now? I guess it’s finally time to pick up where I left off reading The Notebook. Maybe I can finally finish that painting I started three weeks ago. I should probably just use the peace and quiet to study for my upcoming biology exam. No, I can’t bear the silence. I need something to fill the room. 

Since the Wi-Fi is out, that means Spotify is out of the question. I tried using my data but there was no luck. I just kept seeing the same screen saying, “Something went wrong. Try again.” Maybe my dad has an old cd player I can use. Turns out he does, the only problem is I don’t own any CDs. The options are severely limited. There’s Arrival by ABBA, Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles, and Don’t Play That Song! by Ben E. King. I go with Ben. 

Soon the room is filled with lyrics to the song “Stand by Me.” I haven’t listened to this song since I was a little girl. My thoughts are instantly filled with memories. I’m reminded of the time my sister and I forced my dad to play this song on repeat on our way to our dance recital. I find myself being 7 years old again mumbling along to the lyrics while awkwardly dancing in the living room. This song makes me feel so happy.

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